Dance your way into 2018 with these dance videos

Dance your way into 2018 with these dance videos

2017 was definitely a year for strange and funny dance videos. Here are the best dance videos of the year.

brakpan shuffle dancing

A video of high school students dancing has managed to rake up thousands of views overnight. 

The video was posted to Facebook and it sees a group of boys standing in a circle, and the next minute they break out in a dance-off. The students, who attend Northern Cape High School, chant and dance their way into the perfect dance-off that will make you smile and feel proudly South African. 

With just under one million views of Facebook, a video showing three young boere dancing to Brenda Fassie's 'Vulindlela' is all you need today. The amazing video was posted to Johan Coffee's Facebook and quickly started to rack up the views. 

Two incredible dancers, Anna & Dirco, from Bloemfontein have become stars after their dance video went viral. 

The two put together an amazing choreography of a sokkie-rumba routine - a style of social ballroom dance unique to Southern Africa. 

Although the dance was recorded during a rehearsal, it is so killer that people from different parts of the world have fallen in love with it.

Remember the Brakpan-shuffle? Well, of course you do! How could you ever forget it?! A video showing a woman dancing in a very peculiar way went viral and, to be honest, we still cannot get enough of it! 

Sometimes videos are just too good to completely forget about.

We love a good dancing video, especially if it is proudly South African! Gerhard Botha's dancing video is fast becoming an internet sensation. 

Having raked up over 500,000 views thus far, it is well on its way to becoming a hit! Watching the video, Gerhard starts his dancing full-speed ahead with moves we have never seen before. 

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