Martin and Tumi's craziest moments of 2017

Martin and Tumi's craziest moments of 2017

Breakfast Show hosts Martin Bester and Tumi Morake have had their fair share of hilarious moments on the show, but there are those that are just plain CRAZY!

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If the past six months are anything to go by, both Martin and Tumi have sure had some 'interesting' moments to say the least. 

From dressing up, swallow gross food items to Tumi giving Martin piggybacks in studio, 2017's menu of 'Craziest Moments' is packed with many dishes of funnies. 

Why not start the list off with a bang? 

Who could ever forget the time (not so long ago) when Martin and Tumi challenged each other to a round of 'Spill or Fill your Guts'? Martin and Tumi will most certainly NEVER forget that day... 

If there is one thing that Martin Bester loves, it's his latest prank. 

Have you ever been asked to pose for a photo, but while you're posing away you're actually being recorded? Awkward, right? 

Well, Bester managed to catch out both Tumi Morake and musician Kelly Khumalo, who thought they were posing for a photo together. 

Martin, you are carzy! 

Many were disappointed when South Africa lost the bid to host the 2023 Rugby World Cup. 

Martin and Tumi were incredibly confident that their 2023 Rugby World Cup bid video would seal the deal for South Africa.

However, even though they both had the best intentions, they somewhat feel responsible for the loss due to their 'interesting' video attempting to showcase South Africa.

So yes, you can totally blame them for the loss...

Who could ever forget the moment Tumi managed to convince the hunky Brendan Peyper to take his shirt off during #FridayLive?

We certainly will never forget that crazy moment.

The crooner has clearly been working out and bulking up ahead of next year's Tropika Island of Treasure Season 8.

If someone had to tell you that you can zip-line over large, hungry crocodiles, would you?

Well, Martin and Tumi challenged each other to an exhilarating zip-line over a gorge of some of thebiggest crocodilesat Croc City in Johannesburg. 

They both faced their phobias and took to the sky, and of course, we captured all the screams and crazy moments... 

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