Black Coffee not a fan of The Umlando Challenge, calls it 'men twerking'

The internationally acclaimed musician is not moved by the latest challenge that has taken the internet by storm. 

Black Coffee
Black Coffee/ Instagram

Videos of South African men taking part in The Umlando Challenge have been flooding social media.

Even celebrities such as renowned producer Oskido, Uncle Vinny, and Psyfo have endorsed the dance. 

However, one particular celeb who has been vocal about his disapproval of the dance is Black Coffee. 

The international star calls the dance 'men twerking'. 

Responding to a question from one of his fans about when he is returning to South Africa, Black Coffee said he will return when men are done twerking. 

"Not yet, will be back when the Gents are done with this twerking challenge," he wrote. 

Umlando challenge

The Umlando Challenge was started by an artist named Toss at the beginning of January. 

He took to Twitter to post a video of himself doing the dance with the caption: "Asenzini uMlando" which is translated to 'let's do uMlando'. 

The dance requires participants to shake what their mommas gave them, winding their hips from one side to the other. 

Watch the video below. 

Image courtesy of Instagram.

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