Dolly Parton shares 'The Sweetest Gift' in her music career

Throwback: Dolly Parton shares 'The Sweetest Gift'

The iconic singer took to Instagram to share a sweet throwback of a moment she calls 'The Sweetest Gift' in her music career. 

Dolly Parton YouTube screenshot
Dolly Parton/ YouTube screenshot

Dolly Parton has achieved a lot in the music industry and has had many great moments.

She has also collaborated with great legends, but one of the sweetest gifts in her music career was when she collaborated with Emmy Lou Harris and Linda Ronstadt for the album, 'Trio'. 

This trio was made up of the finest voices in Country music and their harmony made their collaborative album a huge success. 

Dolly took to Instagram to share a throwback video of the three of them performing their hit single, 'The Sweetest Gift'.

She explained in her caption that the collaboration between the three of them was one of her sweetest gifts.  

"One of the sweetest gifts was performing with @emmylou_harris_ and @lindaronstadtmusic," she captioned her post. 

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Below is the trio performing live. 

Earlier this year, Pitbull collaborated with Dolly for the song, 'Powerful Women'. 

The song was originally released in 1980.

It won the Grammy for 'Best Country Song'.

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