Watch: Young 'Black Coffee' warms the hearts of social media users

Video: School boy emulating 'Black Coffee' warms the hearts of social media users

A video has gone viral showing scholars pretending to be attending a show in Konka Soweto nightclub. The young man playing DJ Black Coffee has won the hearts of many of those who watched the video. 

Boy emulating DJ Black Coffee
Boy emulating DJ Black Coffee/ Twitter

Black Coffee has been trending at #1 on Twitter this Tuesday morning after a video of a young man emulating him went viral on Twitter. 

In the video, a bunch of school children can be seen recreating to a DJ Black Coffee set at Konka Soweto nightclub. 

The video starts off with young school girls showing off their fake manicures made from paper, and then taking their handbags to head to the nightclub. 

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They are joined by young boys who are seen hanging around and smoking a fake hookah in the club. 

Towards the end of the video clip, a young man emulating DJ Black Coffee appears, playing on a fake deck. 

Many of those who watched the video praised the young man for nailing the role of Black Coffee. 

He even got a thumbs up from the world-renowned DJ.  

Watch the video below.

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