The Weeknd and Rosalía collaborate on new song, 'La Fama’

WATCH: The Weeknd and Rosalía's new single, 'La Fama’

Watch The Weeknd and Rosalía's new single which is set to be released this week. 

The Weeknd
The Weeknd pic/ Instagram

The Weeknd is back with new music!

This time around, he is featured on a song by Spanish singer Rosalía.

The new single is titled, ‘La Fama’.

It comes out on Thursday, 11 November.

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In the song, The Weeknd sings in Spanish – something which he has done before on his previous song, ‘Hawai’.

The song will be featured on ‘Motomami’- the upcoming album from Rosalía.

The album will be coming out next year.

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Listen to the tease below.

Image courtesy of Instagram/ @ TheWeeknd

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