AI helps The Beatles release new song featuring John Lennon's voice

AI helps The Beatles release new song featuring John Lennon's voice

Thanks to artificial intelligence, The Beatles were able to record a new song featuring the voice of late band member, John Lennon. 

The Beatles
The Beatles

The Beatles will be releasing a new song before the end of the year. 

The exciting news was announced by Sir Paul McCartney during an interview with BBC Radio 4's Today programme

He also shared that fans will get to hear the voice of late band member, John Lennon, one more time, thanks to technology. 

He revealed that they were “able to extricate John’s voice from a ropey little bit of cassette and a piano", using artificial intelligence (AI).   

McCartney says the person working on the song used AI to separate the voice and the guitar and could  "lose the guitar” so that the voice remained alone. 

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The good news is that the song will be coming out soon.

"We just finished it up and it'll be released this year," said McCartney although he didn't reveal much more details about the song. 

McCartney also revealed that the song will be the "last Beatles record".

He added that "it was a demo that John had that we worked on". 

“We were able to take John’s voice and get it pure through this AI so then we could mix the record as you would do. It gives you some sort of leeway.”

Lennon was assassinated on 8 December 1980 in New York. 

He  served as the co-songwriter, co-lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist for the Beatles. 

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