Ariana Grande shares 'Eternal Sunshine' tracklist and cover

Ariana Grande shares 'Eternal Sunshine' tracklist and cover

Ariana Grande is getting ready to release her album, 'Eternal Sunshine', and has shared the track list. 

Ariana Grande on the floor
Ariana Grande on the floor / Instagram

Ariana Grande's new album is coming out on March 8. 

The singer took to Instagram to share the album's tracklist. 

It has thirteen songs, including the first track which is titled, 'Intro (End of the World)'. 

The following track is 'Bye'. 

Track five is the title track, 'Eternal Sunshine', and it is followed by 'Supernatural'. 

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Song number nine on the album is 'Yes, and?', the first single from the album that was released in January. 

Track ten is 'We Can't Be Friends (Wait for your Love)'.  

The 30-year-old also shared the album cover and that the album will be available in two versions of vinyl. 

"Here to deliver some Eternal Sunshine tracklist tea and album cover six of seven. We wanted to give you a few different options that capture the emotional ups and downs of this album, each thoughtfully created by the talented @katiatemkin. Each vinyl includes lyric booklets (two versions, each different vinyl has one of the two) and exclusive photos," she wrote on Instagram. 

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Earlier this week, Ariana shared that she would not be releasing any more singles until the album drops in March. 

"I wanted to hard as it is to resist the urge to share another song or single with you all asap, I would really love for you to experience the album in full this time. There will of course be more singles off of this project once it is out ( and we may have a little surprise or two up our sleeves to hold you over until then so don't worry) but waiting a little longer for you to be able to listen fully through first really  is my ideal way for you all to experience this body of work," Ariana wrote on Instagram Stories. 

On Thursday, Lady Gaga took to TikTok to pose while singing along to Ariana's latest single. 

“When you’re done w/ your makeup and you know it’s good,” Gaga captioned the post while lip-syncing to Grande’s 'Yes, And?'. 

The pair collaborated on a song, 'Rain on Me', in 2020. It is about surviving heartbreak.  

The song comes from the album, 'Chromatica'. 

It debuted at number one on the Billboard Hot 100. 

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