Armand Joubert chats about his new single, 'Unfold'

Armand Joubert chats about his new single, 'Unfold'

Get to know what inspired Armand Joubert's new single, 'Unfold', and what's in the pipeline for the star, including how he plans to spend his Valentine's Day. 

Armand Joubert
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Armand Joubert released his single, 'Unfold', from his upcoming EP, 'Left With a Broken Heart', on Friday, 5 February. 

The singer was introduced to many South Africans when he participated in 'The Voice South Africa' Season 2. 

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From then on, he has released five number-one radio hits in the past two years.

We had a chat with the musician about his latest EP, 'Left With a Broken Heart'. 

Tell us about the first time your heart was broken? 

The very first time my heart got broken was when I fell in love with my best friend. That sucked big time. 

What inspired your new project, ‘Left With a Broken Heart’?

My new EP was inspired by the heartbreak and disappointment that I’ve experienced in 2020. It talks about my issues with someone who took advantage of me and only used me so that they could gain an opportunity from me. My trust was battered because of the wrong people I allowed into my life. They’ve moved on and now I’m left with the scars.

From the project, you released the first single, ‘Unfold’. Tell us about it...

I chose 'Unfold' as the first single because even though the lyrics are about people lying to you and misusing you, the song has a real groove to it. It’s uplifting and the vibe of the song makes you want to dance. We can dance through our pain and take back our power. 'Unfold' is also about me, letting people know that I always know what’s going on, whether they realise it or not. You can’t hide anything from me. I observe all the time!

As a songwriter, what is your writing process?

Michael Jackson once said: “A real songwriter doesn’t write a song. The song simply comes to the artist. It’s like a spiritual experience”, and I resonate so much with that because that’s exactly what happens to me. A melody always comes to me and at the most random times and then I’ll go into the studio and think to myself, what do I want to say? And then it all just unfolds naturally.

Who did you work/collaborate with on the project?

'Unfold' is produced by the Multi-Talented Hit Maker “Sloani”, who produced so many songs for artists like Connell Cruise, Mathew Gold, and Hanco. We wrote the song together at his apartment on an extremely hot day, but we got something hot from it too! 

Are there any other projects you are planning on releasing this year? 

I’m very excited to announce that I signed my very first movie deal with a big production company and mainstream platforms. I did the music for the film and it will be released this year. That’s all I’m allowed to say.

How are you spending Valentine’s Day?

With the love of my life. Even though this project is about sadness and a broken heart, I’m finally at a point in my life where I’m so happy and I’m blessed with the most amazing guy in the world. Jaco, my fiancé.

Armand Joubert's EP will be released on the 12th of February.

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