Black Coffee performs in front of audiences wearing no masks in Cape Town

Black Coffee performs in front of audiences wearing no masks in Cape Town

The award-winning DJ Black Coffee was recorded performing at a show that was packed to capacity at a Cape Town hotel where no COVID-19 regulations were followed.

Black Coffee
Black Coffee/ Instagram

South Africa is currently battling with the coronavirus pandemic that has taken the lives of millions of people around the world.

To save lives, the government has put together regulations to ensure that they prevent the spread of the virus.

The regulations include wearing masks in public places and keeping a social distance of at least 2 metres. Sadly, some people are failing to adhere to the rules.

Over the weekend, South African DJ Black Coffee was recorded performing in Cape Town where neither he nor the audience were wearing masks or keeping their distance.

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The multi-award-winning DJ has come under fire for partaking in the breaking of the law.

Twitter user Stay Frosty shared the video.   

According to the user, the party took place at Silo Hotel - a luxurious hotel in the Waterfront, Cape Town.

“I’m looking at ig stories and watching what looks like a Black Coffee gig happening at the Silo Hotel with not a single mask in sight and I’m wondering if Cape Town wants a third wave because that is how you get a third wave,” wrote the Twitter User.

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More social media users slammed Black Coffee and the hotel for breaking the law.

See their comments below. 

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