Jon Bon Jovi shares which song encapsulates his life currently

Jon Bon Jovi shares which song encapsulates his life currently

Jon Bon Jovi, who recently suffered health challenges, shares which one final song he would perform in front of an audience if things got worse...

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In 2022, Jon Bon Jovi had vocal cord surgery and his voice was affected. 

This has resulted in him being unsure as to whether he will perform again, but he says he is hopeful. 

In a recent interview with Classic Rock, Jon was asked 'if worst comes to worst and he could have one final song to perform in front of an audience, what would it be?'. 

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The singer said the question put him on the spot. 

"Oh my God – just one?! That puts me on the spot..." he said. 

He went on to choose his 90s hit, 'These Days', which he produced with Peter Collins and Richie Sambora. 

"The first one that came to mind would be These Days, which I guess nobody would ever think, but 'These days, the stars seem out of reach/These days, there ain't a ladder on the streets/These days are fast, nothing lasts in this graceless age/There ain't nobody left but us these days'," he said.

He went on to explain that he would choose the song because it encapsulates his life currently. 

"I think that sort of encapsulates where I am at this moment in time," he told the publication.

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In other news...

Jon and his wife Dorothea will be celebrating 35 years of marriage this year. 

According to People, the two met in high school in 1980, married in 1989, and have four children. 

Jovi told The Independent that he hasn't been a saint in his marriage.

“It’s about never lying about having been a saint, but not being a fool enough to [mess] up the home life, either.”

The singer says “a mutual admiration society, and being lucky enough to have grown up together” also played a role in their marriage surviving the storms. 

Jon's documentary, 'Thank You, Goodnight: The Bon Jovi Story', is set to stream this week.

His fans are also looking forward to his new album, 'Forever', which is coming out in June. 

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