Bono: I've thought about leaving U2

Bono: I've thought about leaving U2

The iconic singer admits to having thoughts about leaving the Irish rock legends...

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 Bono is famously known for his position as the lead singer of one of the biggest rock & roll bands in the world, U2. 

The band has been active since the 1970s and in the early 80s, it released the hit 'Another Day'.

Although Bono's role in U2 has contributed to his fame and massive success, the singer has revealed that he has thought about leaving the band. 

"I have certainly thought about walking away from U2," he told Daily Mail

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Bono also revealed that he wasn't the only one who has considered quitting the band. 

"Every member has. We have all thought about it," he added. 

But the singer says what kept him in the band was his love for writing and producing new songs. 

“The desire to write songs we don’t have yet. We are chasing the dragon of the song we can’t get,” he said. 

He also added that their friendship played a role. 

“Friendship is deeply part of who we are, but you could lose that along the way. We had to work on it."

He said his work as a social activist had an impact on their friendship.  

"If you are in a rock and roll band, you don’t want to be in the photograph with some people who might have polarising opposite values you hold dear, and I did that to them. I am turning what we created as a band into currency that I chose to spend in these areas. By and large they support me, but I do know I test their patience,” he added. 

However, the artist says he is grateful that they have stayed together, despite the tension. 

"The fact we are still together is a remarkable thing. We kind of grew up together and learnt how to be people of the world via the band."

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