Bryan Adams releases new music video

Bryan Adams releases new music video

'Let's Get Christmas Going' was released days before the star turns 63. 

Bryan Adams
Bryan Adams/ Instagram

Bryan is back with a new music video. He released 'Let's Get Christmas Going' earlier this week.

The video was recorded and filmed at the Warehouse Studio in Vancouver, Canada, in 2022.

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As the title suggests, the song is all about Christmas. It talks about preparing yourself for one of the biggest days on the calendar. 

" Let’s get Christmas going, the Christmas tree is glowing. And the gifts are overflowing - let’s get Christmas going," he sings. 

The song has been praised by many of his followers. 

 "Thank you Bryan. A perfect song to start the Christmas celebrations. I love the lyrics and the setting is beautiful. Children bring such joy during the holiday season," wrote one YouTube user. 

"Bryan this is an awesome new Holiday tune. Your music is timeless. Thank you for making us all smile! We appreciate everything you do …and the great memories, tied to all your songs!," another user commented. 

Watch the video below. 

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