BTS star J-Hope releases new rock version of 'Arson'

BTS star J-Hope releases new rock version of 'Arson'

BTS member J-Hope has released a new version of his song, 'Arson', as the group continues to enjoy celebrating their 10th anniversary. 

J-Hope/ Instagram

BTS member J-Hope has released a new version of his song, 'Arson'.

The new version was released on Sunday, June 11. 

With over one-million views already on YouTube, the song is a banger. 

"Another amazing version you did well J-hope," wrote YouTube user Marie Nešporová. 

Another user, Stefano A Dal Porto, wrote: "This song is too iconic!! I never get tired of listening to it. J-Hope is a force of nature and a true artist."

"This song really on fire in my mind and heart. We really loves you jhooooope," wrote another user. 

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The song came out as the group celebrates its tenth anniversary today, 13 June. 

J-Hope released the new version while still in military training. 

He shared a note via WeVerse and the BTS Twitter account: “ARMYs, you’re all doing well, right? About now, I’m probably in an extremely nervous state with my military discipline!! In a sort of ‘scheduled text message’ vibe… To comfort all of you going through this Hobi-less time, I will send my greetings through letters on special days like this, even though it’s short!!”

In August, AFP announced that BTS members have to do their mandatory military service in South Korean for two years. At the time, Defence Minister Lee Jong-sup said the band members can still do their music even while serving in the military. 

The band released a new song, 'Take Two', on Friday ahead of their tenth year anniversary. 

"'Take Two' suggests BTS’ moving onto their second chapter after the first chapter of a decade-long journey as artists. The single is an ode to their fans, ARMY, showing the septet’s gratitude to their fans. SUGA participated in the overall production of the track with RM and j-hope participating in the songwriting," read a statement from the band. 

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