Calvin Harris explains why the song he produced for Rita Ora won't be released

Calvin Harris explains why the song he produced for Rita Ora won't be released

Calvin Harris has denied rumours that he worked on an unreleased album for Rita Ora, explaining that he only produced one song which won't be released. Here is why...

Calvin Harris
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Calvin Harris is one of the best music producers of our time. 

He has worked with several artists, including his recent collaboration with Halsey, Justin Timberlake, and Pharrell Williams for the song, 'Stay With Me', which is currently #1 on 'The CTM Top 40 with Danny Painter'. 

However, there is one song he worked on which he is not proud of. That's the song he produced for Rita Ora which has not been released. 

The revelation was made after George Griffiths tweeted that Calvin has produced an unreleased album for Rita Ora. 

"Louis Theroux interviewing Rita Ora and asking about her cancelled second roc nation album???? This is my own personal princess Diana newsnight moment. A reminder that if Rita’s Calvin Harris produced second album (I will never let you down was the first of MANY tracks) hadn’t been torpedoed she would have probably been one of the biggest pop stars in the world for like 2 years, I have never gotten over it," he wrote on Twitter.

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Calvin responded, explaining that he did not produce the "cancelled" Ria album, but he only produced one song which was a flop. 

"Entire thing is a myth, there is one unreleased song I worked on and it isn’t good," tweeted Calvin. 

Rita has previously hinted that their romantic relationship may have interfered with her work. The two dated in 2013 and their relationship only lasted for a year. After the break-up, Rita was reportedly not allowed to perform the song Calvin wrote for her, 'I Will Never Let You Down', which was released in 2014. 

“I Will Never Let You Down” came out, “everything started to go a bit weird. I don’t know if it was because business was mixed with personal or what”, Rita told Marie Claire.

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