Camila Cabello celebrates Pride Month with message about trans rights

Camila Cabello celebrates Pride Month with message about trans rights

"This community includes some of the bravest, kindest, strongest people I know," Camila says about the LGBTQ+ community. 

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Camila Cabelo is standing up for transgender rights. The 'Should've Said It' hitmaker used her 50-million-strong Instagram platform to not only celebrate Pride Month, but address issues facing the LGBTQ+ community. 

"This month is pride month !!!!!!! I have so much admiration and respect for the LGBTQ+ community... you teach me by example what it means to be true to yourself and your heart, what it means to be brave, what it means to be fierce and kind every step of the way and living YOUR truth no matter how hard and scary that may be, loving whoever you want to love," she wrote.

The Grammy Award nominee also slammed President Donald Trump for erasing transgender civil rights protections in health care

"In the middle of one of the worst epidemics of violence against Black transgender people, Trump decided to finalize a rule erasing Obama-era protections for transgender patients facing discrimination in health care. We aren’t [where] we need to be, we need to fight back!...  I’m donating to @translawcenter today." 

Like many stars in America, Camila has been in quarantine over the past two months.  

But that hasn't stopped the 23-year-old from recording music. She teamed up with Mastercard for a mini-concert series on YouTube. The two-part series kicked off in May and ended earlier this month. 

"All of the songs from Romance are paired with another song, including songs from my first album, and it’s meant to represent a kind of journey. It was super fun to put these together, they were all one take, singing arrangement- wise it was super free and improvised, and it was so fun to reimagine these songs... " she wrote on Instagram. 

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