Christina Aguilera releases ‘Lift Me Up’ music video in honour of #BlackLivesMatter

Christina Aguilera releases ‘Lift Me Up’ music video in honour of #BlackLivesMatter

The touching video features scenes of hundreds of Americans protesting against the injustice that black people face in America.

Christina Aguilera Black Lives Matter
Christina Aguilera Black Lives Matter/ Instagram

It has been ten years since Christina Aquilera released her sixth studio album, ‘Bionic’.

The album enjoyed international success and was number three on the US Billboard 200. 

One of the tracks featured on the album is ‘Lift Me Up’ - a song that encourages people to stand together. 

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Aguilera says this is the perfect song for a time when Americans have united to fight against injustice.

To mark the 10-year anniversary of 'Bionic', Aguilera released a music video for ‘Lift Me Up’. 

“Over the last week, it’s been beautiful to see people around the world lift each other up and fight for #BlackLivesMatter. Today is #Bionic’s 10 year anniversary and Lift Me Up is a song about extending your hand and helping another get through hardship,” the singer wrote on Instagram. 

Aquilera went on to ask people to keep standing together and fighting against injustice. 

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“Fighters, keep fighting.”

Aguilera said the video was made by American choreographer Gilbert Saldivar. 

It shows different scenes of people in America protesting against the killings of black people. 

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