Ciara on how collaborating with Chris Brown was a "dream come true"

Ciara on how collaborating with Chris Brown was a "dream come true"

Ciara says her collaboration with Chris Brown is something she has been wanting to do for some time. 

Ciara and Chris Brown
Ciara and Chris Brown / YouTube screenshot

Ciara and Chris Brown released the single, 'How We Roll', over the weekend. 

Talking about the collaboration, Ciara told Billboard that she had been dreaming about collaborating with Chris. 

“It was an artist’s dream come true for the both of us,” she told the publication. 

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The multi-award-winning singer described the new single as a “classic". She added that "it’s got a super strong R&B core".

On August 8, the song's music video ranked #2 on YouTube and has over three-million views. 

The single comes from Ciara's EP, 'CiCi'. 

“CiCi is that ‘turn that lip up, get a lil stank… Ciara, she keeps it cute, she’s a mom of three, she’s unbothered,” she explained. 

“I really wanted to bring that classic R&B energy to this project," said Ciara. 

Below is the music video:

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Ciara also spoke about her music journey. 

“I feel blessed. I feel like I’m just getting started at the same time. To know that it was 20 years ago that I was just really, really ambitious… dreaming big, I envisioned that I’d be sitting somewhere like this 20 years later," Ciara said. 

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