Danny Painter chats to Camino about his challenges and hit, 'Burning Fire'

Danny Painter chats to Camino about his challenges and hit, 'Burning Fire'

From homeless to stardom. Danny Painter spoke to American singer Camino about his life and challenges he faced. 

Danny Painter and Camino
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Singer Camino released the hit single 'Burning Fire' during the hard lockdown in South Africa. The song became a massive hit - and is charting on the CTM Top 20 with Liesl Laurie. 

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'Burning Fire' is a song dedicated to his aunt and uncle, who were married for 65 years. 

"I wanted to tell a story from his point of view and how difficult it must've been for him. The song is basically about missing someone."

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However, before he became this massive success, this talented singer-songwriter faced hardships and challenges which made him work even harder. 

Camino opened up to Danny Painter about struggling times. "There were no's but I came too far to quit."

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Camino also shared more about his new album. 

"I'm a sad guy. I write from the heart so you will get a lot of that."

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