The December Streets release a music video for the hit single 'Magic'
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The December Streets release a music video for the hit single 'Magic'

The hit single from The December Streets has a brand new music video.

The December Streets

Love is one of those controversial four-letter words that most people throw around with reckless abandon. Either you’re in it or desperately wanting it. 

Regardless of your stance, being left in the dust, abandoned or betrayed hurts and is impossibly tough to deal with. That was the opinion of renowned South African Indie-Pop band December Streets when they released, Magic, the second single off their latest EP Wild Heart on Valentine’s Day earlier this year. 

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A-typically to the bands upbeat, happy-days lyrical content, the track explored the often-unacknowledged dark side of love and relationships, break-ups and more importantly; how to deal with the heart-ache when a relationship has let you down. On the back of its success, the band have teamed up with renowned film creatives Run Jump Fly Creations to create and now release an eagerly anticipated music video for the single.

*Warning this video contains strong language*

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