Drake and Chris Brown sued over 'No Guidance' song

Drake and Chris Brown sued over 'No Guidance' song

The musicians are reportedly being sued for allegedly stealing Mr. Cooper's 'I Love Your Dress.' song. 

Drake and Chris Brown
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Drake and Chris Brown are engaged in a legal battle over the song 'No Guidance' which they released in 2019. 

According to XXL publication, the two stars are being sued by Braindon Cooper, a.k.a. Mr. Cooper, and his producer Timothy L. Valentine, who also goes by Drum'n Skillz, for allegedly stealing elements of their song, 'I Love Your Dress'. 

Cooper reportedly claims that 'No Guidance', which was released three years after he released 'I Love Your Dress',  contains a high degree of similar features. 

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These include a similar beat, lyrics, hook and rhythmic structure. 

Cooper also claims that his song contains the phrase “She got it, she got it” 16 times, while “No Guidance” mentions “You got it, girl, you got it” at least 11 times.

The duo claim that Drake and Brown taunted them in the song's lyrics. They allege that the 'Flew the coop" line is a dig at Cooper's nickname, Coop.

Listen to the two songs below. 

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