'Drake is so in love' - Rapper gives Uncle Waffles a shout-out

Drake gives Uncle Waffles a shout-out

Drake can't get enough of Uncle Waffles! 

Drake gives Uncle Waffles a shout-out
Drake and South African DJ Uncle Waffles/ YouTube (Drake), Instagram @unclewaffles_)

South African DJ, Uncle Waffles, just got a shout-out from one of the biggest rappers in the world! Drake took to his Instagram Stories on Monday to show the DJ some love. 

The Canadian rapper, who has more than 100-million followers, reposted a video of Uncle Waffles working her magic on the decks during one of her gigs. 

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Uncle Waffles could not contain her excitement. 

"Drake just mentioned me on his story," she tweeted. The DJ added in another post: "I’ve been screaming for 10 minutes."

It's not the first time the Grammy Award-winner has shined the spotlight on the DJ.  Last month, the 'Laugh Now Cry Later' rapper left a comment on Uncle Waffle's Instagram Live video. 

"Top DJ, top sound," he commented.  South Africans are convinced that Uncle Waffles is Drake's favourite female DJ. 

The 35-year-old caused an online frenzy in 2021 when started following her on Instagram.  He has been an Uncle Waffles "stan" ever since. 

His latest shout-out also has social media users talking. Many believe Drake's endorsement will help catapult her to international stardom. 

"Drake is so in love with Uncle Waffles and you know what? I get it," one Twitter user wrote. 

Another user added: "Drake definitely gonna name drop Uncle Waffles in a verse. 500k in the duffle,  still an uncle to these n****s like Waffles."

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Uncle Waffles is in demand all over Africa, and it looks like she will soon be bagging international gigs. 

She is heating up the airwaves with her latest song, 'Tanzania'.  The track is the lead single from her upcoming EP, ''Red Dragon'. 

Fans are crossing fingers for a Drake x Uncle Waffles collaboration in 2022!

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Main image credit: YouTube/ Drake, Instagram/@unclewaffles_

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