Ed Sheeran named the world’s most played artist on radio

Ed Sheeran is the world’s most played artist on radio

Congratulations to Ed Sheeran who has been named the world’s most played artist on radio. 

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Congratulations to Ed Sheeran!

He has just been announced as the world’s most played artist on radio.

According to The News publication, his music received 4.3-million plays in a year.

Sheeran received 100,000 more plays than Dua Lipa, who got 4.2 million plays in a year.

Lipa was followed by The Weeknd, who has three million plays and Queen with 2.9 million. 

In the fifth spot was Maroon 5 who got 2.8 million plays. 

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Most-played genres

According to The News publication, pop music is the most played genre.

It is followed by rock music with almost 80 million spins.

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