LISTEN: Finish everything you do! | Bart Janssen

Finish everything you do! | Bart Janssen

Ever wondered what it would be like to perform with big bands like the Backstreet Boys or Il Divo? Bart Janssen has!

Bart Janssen

A well-known session guitar player, producer, and composer from the Netherlands, Bart works with companies like Universal and Disney, and has developed a strong portfolio.

Aside from producing several radio hits in the Netherlands, his music features on TV, radio, and internet ads.

In this conversation on the Shotgun Story podcast, we focus on songwriting for other artists, as well as ways to make a living in the music industry. This episode is FULL of really great advice for anyone trying to make money making music.

Meanwhile, deep in the heart of the Jo'burg singer/songwriter scene, there is a small spark of joy, and her name is Jolene East. One half of The Honeymooners (a duo she plays in with her husband), Jolene plays the ukulele, and loves to write authentic songs that bring out the emotions in people.

In this charming (and delightfully hilarious) Shotgun Story podcast episode on JacPod, Jolene talks about how karaoke brought her closer to the music, what it feels like to have people sing your music back to you, releasing her new EP, showing Vanilla Ice how to sokkie and the extent to which she missed festivals during lockdown.

"I want to have no shoes on and have a doring in my foot, slide in mud and ruin my outfit early in the day. It’s fine!”

Her EP, "Fetch Me", was released worldwide through Just Music and can be found on all online platforms.
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Jolene East

Outro music: "I know I love you" by Jolling.

Music used with permission from rights holders.

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