“Get Vaccinated,” sing the Ndlovu Youth Choir in new song

“Get Vaccinated,” sing the Ndlovu Youth Choir in new song

The multi-award-winning choir have released a new song, called ‘Jaba Jaba’, to promote vaccination.

Ndlovu Youth Choir
Ndlovu Youth Choir/ YouTube screenshot

The Ndlovu Youth Choir have been using music to raise awareness about the coronavirus.

Last year, the choir released the song, 'Fight Against Coronavirus', which encouraged South Africans to take the necessary precautions to ensure they are protected from the deadly virus. 

Today, the choir released a new song about vaccination.

The young stars recorded ‘Jaba Jaba’, which aims at encouraging people to get vaccinated to ensure that they are protected from COVID-19.

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“To get back in the groove after lockdown’s got you down, get vaccinated. Let us not waste time when the vaccine is here so that we are safe. Let us encourage one another to get vaccinated," sings the choir. 

The music video of the song is receiving mixed reactions on YouTube, with many users saying they love the tune but are sceptical about getting the vaccine. 

"I will never get the vaccine, but this song is fire. It's 4am and I'm supposed to be sleep but y'all got me dancing and singing out here," wrote one user. 

"I'm getting the vaccine as soon as its available. I'm tired of Covid!," another wrote. 

Other comments include: "Nice tune.. pity about the message. Too quick and too many unknowns about his jab" and "I love you guys, but you seem to be forgetting your influence. Public should be told that vaccines may have long term adverse effects. Remember the Thalidomide scandal. At least wait for 9 months!"

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