LISTEN: Gia McKay releases new single 'Cut Up'

LISTEN: Gia McKay releases new single 'Cut Up'

Gia Mckay is a new South African singer-songwriter based in Cape Town whose music captures elements of contemporary soul and acoustic pop. Her musical inspirations include artists such as YEBBA, Sasha Sloan, Freya Ridings, and Adele. 

Gia McKay

Although music and dance have always been an integral part of Gia’s life, her music career only started in 2020 on a borrowed piano. Music and Medicine are Gia’s two passions; the young artist is studying for a Bachelor’s degree in Human Anatomy, Physiology, and Genetics. Never one to choose the easy option, Gia looks forward to seeing where this all leads. 

'Cut Up' is a breakup song about the hurt, heartache, and messiness of relationships. The heart sometimes needs time to accept what the mind already knows. 

“The song came from a spontaneous throw-away line sung in the studio while recording other music, and later that night I wrote the song on the bed in the hotel room, on a borrowed keyboard. Cut Up was originally written as a ballad, but I’m working with new producers, and the opportunity to expand my reach resulted in the two versions of the song. I wanted to expose listeners to both versions and allow them to choose which resonated best. I’m naturally drawn to more ballad-like songs but wanted to experiment and explore a new sound and direction. I hope you’ll get to enjoy them both, and that they’ll cater to your different moods on different days” – Gia Mckay

Listen to 'Cut Up' below:

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