Gino Lee and Lucrecia Rae’s duet is the soundtrack to an epic summer

Gino Lee and Lucrecia Rae’s duet is the soundtrack to an epic summer

New to the scene, Lucrecia Rae, has been singing ever since she can remember. The songstress studied Performing Arts at Northlink College, but it wasn’t until she took part in The International ARTS Talent Showcase (IATS) that the aspiring vocalist began to find her feet. She met Gino Lee through IATS Producer Elsubie Verlinden. The two hit it off and soon they were both in studio and creating magic.

Gino Lee and Lucrecia Rae’s duet is the soundtrack to an epic summer

Rendezvous is a beautiful summer hit, and it brings with it all that loving feeling. According to the duo, the song is about spending quality time with the person you love.

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Lucrecia recalls, “I remember going to Jerry’s in Blouberg and watching the live band perform. There was this couple that started dancing right in front of the band. They were so into each other as if in that moment no one else existed.”

Lucrecia wanted the song to create a similar atmosphere. She started with the lyrics, painting a picture of some of the things you experience when you’ve found real love.

“This track reminds me of that day at Jerry’s,” she says. “The couple were so content. Rendezvous is a tribute to the special times that you share with your person and the things that remind you of the love you share. For example, a song that you share together or pictures you cherish.”

The song was originally self-written for Lucrecia, but when the two were listening to Gino’s scratch vocals on the demo, she insisted he feature on the track and the song became a duet! 

Gino adds, “We wanted to make an infectious old school pop track that tapped into that summer love feeling.”

Gino Lee is no stranger to the local and international music industry. A singer, actor, music producer and model, Gino wears many hats. A New York Film Academy alumni, Gino has performed in numerous New York venues, including The Bitter End and the Apollo Theatre. He went on to work as a producer at Skylight Studios in Los Angeles, before returning home to open his own recording studio, River Road Records, in his hometown of Gqeberha.

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Due to COVID, Gino and Lucrecia worked over zoom to write the song, and when it was complete, she flew over to Qqeberha to record the final masterpiece. Gino produced and mastered the track at River Road Records. 

Lucrecia explains, “We both did our part and brought our ‘A’ game. We were always well prepared for the zoom sessions, which helped the process run smoothly.”

Gino says, “We really hope that people will find their own personal attachment to this track, and have it be the soundtrack to an epic summer!” 

Lucrecia concludes, “I feel the public will appreciate this song for its amazing qualities and honesty.”

The single is a prelude to an album that the artists are working on together, for release in 2022.

Danny Painter spoke to them on a Zoom, watch it here:

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