Hanco releases new EP 'Paradise'

Hanco releases new EP 'Paradise'

South African singer, songwriter and performer, Hanco announced the release his new five-track EP 'Paradise'


The David Gresham Record Company is proud to release the new EP by Hanco, 'Paradise'. 

Hanco is a singer, songwriter, and performer from Pretoria, South Africa. With over a million streams to date, and nominations for both a South African Music Award and Ghoema Award, Hanco is set to take the world of pop music by storm with his new EP paradise. Having already collaborated with Belgium superstar DJ Regi and South African DJ Mark Stent, Hanco is in pole position to become an international breakthrough artist, as he continues to break boundaries with various songwriters and producers around the globe. 

'Paradise' is about love, peace, joy, and happiness. Each song will give you some sense of ‘Paradise’. This five-track EP consists of tracks such as 'She’s So High', 'Sunkissed', and 'Good As Gold'.

“Paradise is something we are all searching for, and while listening to the EP I would like people to see that Paradise is already a part of the life they are living. You just need to see it. I am really excited for this one” – Hanco

Listen to 'PARADISE' here: https://li.sten.to/zt0qx702

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