Harry Styles explains why he has to go to therapy once a week

Harry Styles explains why he has to go to therapy once a week

Harry Styles has been going to therapy for the past couple of years. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, he explains the importance of taking care of his mental health.

Harry Styles

Mental health continues to be a hot topic as millions of people suffer from various mental illnesses.

 Therapy is one of the tools many use to take better care of their mental health. 

Harry Styles is one of the celebrities who has been benefiting from counselling sessions. 

He told Rolling Stone that he is "committed to doing it once a week."

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He explained that his decision came after the realisation that it is important to take care of himself holistically. 

 “I felt like I exercise every day and take care of my body, so why wouldn’t I do that with my mind?” he told the publication. 

He says therapy has been key in helping him understand his emotions. 

“So many of your emotions are so foreign before you start analyzing them properly. I like to really lean into [an emotion] and look at it in the face. Not like, ‘I don’t want to feel like this,’ but more like, ‘What is it that makes me feel this way?’"

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He also addressed the online abuse aimed at him and his girlfriend Olivia Wilde, who he started dating in January 2021. 

The two have been criticized for the ten-year age difference between them because Styles is 28, while Olivia is 38. 

Styles says social media users can be toxic. 

He says some Twitter users are “a s**itstorm of people trying to be awful to people”. 

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