Harry Styles tells fans what they can expect from his new album

Harry Styles tells fans what they can expect from his new album

The singer recently had a chat with Apple Music about his much-anticipated new album, his relationship with One Direction members, and how he has had to learn to create boundaries. 

YouTube screenshot of Harry Styles
YouTube screenshot of Harry Styles

Harry Styles is ready to release his much-anticipated new album, 'Harry’s House'. 

The album drops on Friday, 20 May. 

He recently sat down with Zane Lowe from Apple Music where he spoke about the inspiration behind the music. 

The singer started by explaining how the name of the album came about. 

“I was kind of like, ‘I’d be really fun to make an album called Harry’s House,’ and thought about it being this smaller thing. And then it was back to that thing of, ‘Maybe that’s an album I’ll make in four years or five years or whatever.’ And as I started making the album, I realized it wasn’t about the geographical location. It’s much more of an internal thing,” he told Lowe. 

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The 'As It Was' hitmaker says the new album will be "more electronic". He added that the album is more intimate to him. 

The singer also spoke about going to therapy and how it helped him heal. 

"It's impossible to not, at times, feel like, 'Oh, everyone else is on the other side of the glass, and I'm on this side of the glass, and no one really gets it,'" he said. 

He also spoke about how much he appreciates the love the band members in One Direction share. 

"I look at people who kind of went through some version of what we went through but on their own. I'm like, I can't imagine having done that. I feel really lucky that we always had each other to be this unit that felt like you could keep each other in check, and you could just have someone else who gets it.

"I think there is very much a respect between all of us, like, if we did something together," he said. "And that is something that you can't really undo. And you know, it's like a very deep love for each other, I think."

Another matter that Harry spoke about is struggling with not knowing how to draw boundaries around his fans. 

 "I used to feel really guilty for trying to protect the space around me and being defensive of it. 

"And I felt like I was so concerned with people liking me, that I would kind of give up too much space around me that would affect me negatively. 

"And I think now I feel okay putting boundaries up and I'm okay now, I think, feeling like if I'm not spending time with people that I love and people who love me, I'd rather be on my own. I don't really have that need to be around people who don't positively affect each other," he said. 

Watch the full interview below:

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