Italian sensation announces Christmas album, SA show

Italian sensation announces Christmas album, SA show

Italian sensation Patrizio Buanne is back in South Africa for his Christmas album show!

Patrizio Buanne

Known for his powerful voice and his engaging and spectacular performances, Patrizio Buanne – affectionately called the Ambassador of Dolce Vita or the Neapolitan pop crooner – has developed legions of fans across the globe and have earned a well-deserved reputation as one of the world’s most unique performers.

While the international multi-platinum recording artist has delivered several incredible CD’s and shows over the past 15 years, he has never released a Christmas album. Until now, that is! This year, fans of Patrizio can look forward to 'CHRISTMAS WITH PATRIZIO BUANNE', a selection of the singer’s favourite Christmas carols and songs that have inspired him over the years.

“I’m not just an Italian guy singing Italian songs. While it is important to give people the kind of music I am known for, I also wanted to open myself up artistically and give them something else... or rather, something more. I wanted to present my passion for interpreting any great song, whether Italian, American or new. After all, Christmas is celebrated in so many different ways around the world.”

Over the years, when asked by fans and journalists when he would be releasing a Christmas album, Patrizio always jokingly responded, ‘probably when I get married and become a father!’ So, after getting married in April this year, the singer was inspired to take a break and start working on something a little different.

Patrizio’s favourite song off the Christmas album is 'Tarantella Santa Claus', an original written by him and his team, which he believes fans will love as it is “fun, shows my personality, and offers something different in today’s day and age”. This uplifting party song is also the first single off 'CHRISTMAS WITH PATRIZIO BUANNE.'

Featuring the sensational Italian singer’s trademark timelessness and soothing sound, the goal of the album, Patrizio says, is to showcase and share that while Christmas is celebrated in so many ways around the world, faith and love bring us all together.

“While we live in a world that is changing faster than it ever has, some things remain constant. In my case, it is the essence of my artistic existence, and therefore the core of what I want to share with people –my music. My wish is that these festive songs fill people’s homes and hearts with the endless love that I have always received from this world,” he says.

To reinforce the concept of unity over the festive season, and to promote the release of his new album, Patrizio will be performing concerts in a number of countries around the globe – including South Africa!

He will be on stage, for one night only, at the Sun Arena in Pretoria on 6 November. During the concert, fans can look forward to singing along and enjoying an evening filled with hits and Christmas songs.

For the singer, it is all about the voice and an instinctive ability to convey real emotion, and 'CHRISTMAS WITH PATRIZIO BUANNE' remains true to the singer’s role as an ambassador for Italian and World music.

To book tickets for Patrizio Buanne’s concert at the Sun Arena in Pretoria, visit Computicket.


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