Jimmy Nevis releases new single ‘Magenta’

Jimmy Nevis releases new single ‘Magenta’

The single is a hit!

Jimmy Nevis
Jimmy Nevis/ Provided

Jimmy Nevis is back with a bang.

The singer/songwriter has released his latest single called ‘Magenta’ through Gallo Record Company.

The amazing song talks about the journey to a happy place or ‘paradise’.

‘Magenta’ is about reaching that place of euphoria. I think it also has a spiritual side to it. For me, it's about the journey to paradise, whatever that may be,” he said in a press statement.

Speaking about how the song came about, Nevis says he was with his co-writers Nisha Asnani and Michael McEachern in Los Angeles.

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“ We started talking about Lionel Richie and how his music just takes us to a happy place. Eventually, it started to feel emotional and we just let it happen. This song is all about the feeling,” he said.

He added that he loved producing the track with his friends.  

“This song has been recorded with so many of my friends. The vocal takes were done in both LA and SA. Nisha is one of my friends who I love working with. We have a similar approach to writing and conceptualising music. Michael McEachern and I wrote and produced this track - It started out as an electro-pop track but then ended up having some afro influences. I wanted it to sound a little bit closer to my home.”

The captivating music video for the song was released on Wednesday and is receiving a lot of love on social media.

“Loving the track. Loving the visuals. Great work!,” YouTube user Matthew van der Westhuizen wrote.

“LOVE LOVE LOVVVEEEEEEE ITTTTTT!!!!!!!!,” another user, Isabel Jane Daniels, commented.

Watch the video below. 

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