J'Something releases first solo single 'You Are Not Alone'

J'Something releases first solo single 'You Are Not Alone'

J'Something's first solo single is set to inspire hope that no matter what you are going through, you are never alone! 

J'Something /Instagram

J'Something has been cooking up something special in the studio. 

The singer took to social media to announce that he will be releasing a single on Friday, 28 June. 

The name of the single is 'You Are Not Alone'. 

Speaking about the song, J, whose real name is Joao da Fonseca, says the song is meant to inspire hope in anyone feeling alone. 

"One thing is for us to say I'm not alone which is really important, but then one needs to have a deeper understanding and what it means to me and what I've come to understand around this statement is that I'm not alone because I have myself, number one, and if God is in me then when I spend time with myself I'm essentially spending time with God and that's where I get a lot of confidence even when I'm feeling alone. On top of that, I'm surrounded by incredible people as a lot of us are surrounded by love so I just wanted to encourage you guys to realise this," J said in a video he posted on IG. 

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He went on to explain that he wrote the song in 2019, though he never intended to release it.

"I have over this journey called life I have had both incredible physical and spiritual experiences. Religion really taught me a lot about spirituality and around 2019 I wrote this song and never intended to release it, but when I shared it online I really was overwhelmed by how much it connected with so many of you. I have since then decided to take the brave step of putting this out into the big wide world," he wrote on IG. 

"In 2019 I embarked on what was for me a really daunting task, to unbox myself as much as I possibly could and explore for MYSELF this thing called life, this ONE life I have. Since then I have had such an incredible and rich spiritual experience AND an even more phenomenal physical experience. This song represents a lot of this and captures a lot of my emotions around this space of my life."

Listen to the song below:

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In March, J announced that his band, Mi Casa, were working on releasing a new album soon. 

He said he hopes the album will have a global reach. 

"I feel like this album, this music we are making now is literally worthy of global attention, for the first time ever, I've never felt that we were worthy of global attention. We've always made dope music but I thought that the music was always catered to an African ear and that was strategic. We have spend our time touring Africa and that was it," he told Mpoomy Ledwaba in an interview. 

The band has not revealed the release date as of yet.

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