K-pop star Lisa breaks Guinness World Record

K-pop star Lisa breaks Guinness World Record

Lisa's song, 'Money', reached one-billion streams on Spotify, making her the first K-pop artist to achieve such a milestone. 

K-pop star Lisa
K-pop star Lisa/ Instagram

K-pop star Lisa has added another win to her career. 

The rapper broke the Guinness World Record by becoming the first solo K-pop artist to reach one-billion streams on Spotify with her song, 'Money'. This was reported by Billboard on Wednesday, 27 September. 

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Lisa, who is a member of Korean pop band Blackpink, achieved the following milestones in her career as listed by Guinness World Record:

- Her 2021 YouTube music video 'LaLisa' was the first by a solo artist to reach 73.6-million views in 24 hours. 

- She was also the first solo K-pop winner at the MTV Video Music Awards.

- Lisa became the first solo K-pop winner at the MTV Europe Music Awards.

- The rapper has 97.8-million followers on Instagram, making her the most followed K-pop artist on the social platform. 

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Lisa released 'Money' in 2021 from her debut album, 'Lalisa'. 

The YouTube video has over 900-million views. 

Below is the video:

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