Karen Zoid releases brand new single!

Karen Zoid releases brand new single!

South African songwriter and singer, Karen Zoid released her brand new single ‘Donker Nag.' Another single will soon be released!

Karen Zoid double exposure

After 'Op Die Oomblik Deel Een' was released in August 2017, we absolutely cannot wait to get lost in 'Deel 2'!

‘Donker Nag’ was written by Karen, and produced by Springbok Nude Girls lead guitarist, Theo Crous.  

“The song is about finding beauty and calm in the unknown. If you look closely you’ll see that the darkness has many exquisite characteristics. The darkness can be scary, but it can also be a place of calm an quiet. A private place.  A place of rest. A place of forgiveness. The darkness is actually quite elegant. How do you overcome your fear of the dark? You celebrate it.”, says Zoid.

Since her debut in 2000, Karen Zoid has shot to fame with her authentic rock anthems, soulful ballades and enigmatic performances. She is one of the top streaming artists in South Africa and has multiple no.1 hits on digital platforms. 'Op Die Oomblik - Deel 2' is the conclusion of a two-part Afrikaans album. 

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Part one was release in August 2017. All the songs were written by Zoid in her mother tongue. The album explores the themes of being present, as to capture the moments and memories we long and live for.

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