Kelly Clarkson on getting flowers from Taylor Swift

Kelly Clarkson on getting flowers from Taylor Swift

In 2019, Kelly Clarkson suggested that Taylor Swift should re-record her music and now the 'Shake It Off' star has been sending her flowers after every re-release as a token of appreciation. 

Kelly Clarkson
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Kelly Clarkson is the inspiration behind why Taylor Swift has been re-recording her music so she can own the full rights to her music.

In 2019, Clarkson suggested to Swift in a Tweet that she should re-record her music after she revealed that she did not have ownership of her first six albums under Big Machine. 

Now that Swift has been re-recording her albums, she has been sending Clarkson flowers as a thank you. This was revealed by Clarkson in an interview with E! News

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"You know what's so funny? She just sent me flowers," Clarkson told E! News. 

"She's so nice. She did. She was like, 'Every time I release something'—'cause she just did 1989.

Clarkson revealed that Swift also got her a cardigan. 

"I got that really cute cardigan, too."

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Clarkson praised Swift for being kind. 

"I love how kind she is though," Clarkson said. 

She went on to explain that she believes Swift would have thought of re-recording her music anyway, even without her suggestion.

"She's a very smart businesswoman. So, she would have thought of that. But it just sucks when you see artists that you admire and you respect really wanting something and it's special to them. You know if they're going to find a loophole, you find a loophole. And she did it and literally is, like, the best-selling artist I feel like of all-time now."

Swift recently released ‘Sweeter Than Fiction (Taylor’s Version)’, which she originally recorded in 2013. 

According to Billboard, "Taylor Swift’s ‘1989 (Taylor’s Version)’ has the second-biggest sales week of the year after three days". 

The album 'earned more than a half-million equivalent album units in the U.S. through its first three days of release'.

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