Kesha releases empowering new song

Kesha releases empowering new song

Kesha is fighting for gender equality in her new song, 'Here Comes the Change'. 

Kesha 'Here Comes the Change'
The cover art for Kesha's latest song, 'Here Comes The Change / Instagram

Singer and songwriter Kesha is using her music to teach a powerful lesson. The 31-year-old just released a new song, 'Here Comes the Change', which highlights the need for equal rights between men and women. 

Kesha sings in her new song:

“Is it a crazy thought/ That if I had a child/ I hope they live to see the day/ When everyone’s equal?” 

The track is set to feature in a new film called 'On the Basis of Sex'. The movie is inspired by Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's fight against gender discrimination. 

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The 'Praying' hitmaker wrote an essay for Refinery29 ahead of the song's release, detailing its meaning.

"When I was first approached to write a song for the movie, I thought I was the wrong person for the job... But after seeing the film, I was inspired. It was amazing to see Ginsburg’s story of leading a campaign that successfully changed laws that discriminated against Americans purely on the basis of their sex," she wrote.

Watch the lyric video for Kesha's new song below: 

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