Demi Lovato or Miley Cyrus? Kevin Jonas chooses...

Demi Lovato or Miley Cyrus? Kevin Jonas chooses...

Kevin Jonas had a hard time choosing between Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus' music. This is whom he chose...

Kevin Jonas
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Kevin Jonas and his brothers were the recent guests on 'Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen' and got to speak about their music and personal life.

The conversation kicked off with a talk about their latest album, 'The Album', which was released on May 12. 

The boys also got to reveal who their idols are, including Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney. They were also inspired by Janet Jackson and the Backstreet Boys. 

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Another question that was asked had to do with choosing between former Disney stars - Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato. 

“Which former Disney star has the better music catalogue? Miley Cyrus or Demi Lovato,” Cohen asked. 

“We wrote the first album for Demi, so I would say us because, then, we’re included,” Kevin said. 

His response received an applause from Nick, who previously dated Cyrus. Their other brother, Joe, dated Demi.

The brothers worked on Lovato’s 2008 album, 'Don’t Forget', and collaborated with the singer on 'On the Line'. 

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The brothers also got to speak about their purity rings which they started wearing in the early stages of their career.  

Cohen asked if the brothers agree that the purity rings were a bad idea. 

Although all three of them agreed, Nick went on to explain that "in theory they're not a bad idea but you should know what you're signing up for before you sign up for it".

"When you're 12 versus when you're like 16 is a very big difference," Joe added. 

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