Lady Gaga debuts her new song at Coachella
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Lady Gaga debuts her new song at Coachella

Lady Gaga headlined the Coachella Music Festival the past weekend and used the international platform to launch her latest offering, 'The Cure'.

Lady Gaga

Her new single went on sale on all digital platforms over the Easter weekend and is described as the anthem of love.

The upbeat pop number has some RnB influences and comes a mere six months after Mother Monster released her 5th album, Joanne.

According to Rolling Stone online it is not clear if 'The Cure' is destined for a re-issue of album, or a one-off single.

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Many on social media are speculating it's evident that Gaga has already started working on her next album.

"My new single 'The Cure' is available on iTunes now," Gaga told the Coachella crowd as her set ended.

She also posted a video on her Instagram account with the caption: "Let me fix you."

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