Listen to DJ Jazzy D’s hot new track ‘Wonderful’

Listen to DJ Jazzy D’s hot new track ‘Wonderful’

DJ Jazzy D has released a new song called ‘Wonderful’, featuring talented vocalist Marichelle. 

DJ Jazzy D
DJ Jazzy D/ YouTube screenshot

The music video for the song dropped on Wednesday, 11 November. 

“Today is the day that we finally release the long-awaited music video of my new single Dj Jazzy D - 'Wonderful' Ft. Marichelle,” said the DJ with excitement. 

The Jacaranda FM presenter says the lockdown period showed him how so many people are feeling hopeless and unappreciated.  

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“This song has a specific meaning to me, during Covid we went to places you will never imagine. I [have] seen bright and powerful people become unmotivated similar to a light bulb being switched off, in most cases, they lacked someone that could be on their side just to give them that small push in words, someone that can utter thanks for looking after us, thank you for providing us with a meal, thank you for working every day, thank you for bringing a plate of food on our table,” he said. 

The DJ decided to come up with a song to encourage people to appreciate themselves - and others, more. 

“I did this song so we can tell those people that they are wonderful,” said the DJ. 

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He added that he was grateful for the team that he got to work with on the music and his fans for their support. 

"I was also fortunate to meet a whole bunch of new people, new fans that fell in love with my music and my work. This song is dedicated to them. I worked with people who helped me achieve goals to feed the country. To all the Feed A Family members worldwide this song is dedicated to you. Thank You for being so wonderful," he concluded. 

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