LISTEN: Guns ‘n Roses' unreleased song ‘Perhaps’

LISTEN: Guns ‘n Roses' unreleased song ‘Perhaps’

The rock band’s unreleased song, ‘Perhaps’, was leaked online by a fan. 

Guns ‘n Roses
Guns ‘n Roses YouTube screenshot

Guns ‘n Roses is one of the most successful rock bands of all time.

They are loved for their hits such as 'Sweet Child O' Mine' and 'November Rain'. 

Although the band has released many hits over the years, it seems there is still more that fans can expect.

Like many bands or musicians, the rock stars also have songs that were previously written but did not make the cut for the final projects that have been released.

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As the band is gearing up for their upcoming show scheduled to take place in Israel, rumour has it that one of their previously unreleased songs will feature on the playlist.

According to a report by NME, a fan captured the band rehearsing recently and recorded them performing the unreleased song, ‘Perhaps’.

It is believed that the song was written during the time they were recording their sixth studio album, 'Chinese Democracy', which was released in November 2008. 

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