Listen: ‘Lean On Me’ sung in different African languages

Listen: ‘Lean On Me’ sung in different African languages

Listen to the amazing voices of South African musicians singing 'Lean On Me' in their own languages to inspire hope.

Lean On Me
Lean On Me/ YouTube screenshot

The coronavirus pandemic has seen many artists releasing songs and doing collaborations to either raise funds or inspire hope in people. 

One of the most recent musical projects was brought together by Cipla South Africa - a leading global pharmaceutical company.

It features 80 talented South Africans collaborating on the classic song, 'Lean On Me'.  

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These include the likes of Paxton, Jack Parow, Hemelbesem, Yoma, Katlego Maboe, Pret Kadet, Early B, Sarah-Jane, Neville D, Clint Brink, and Franscois Van Coke.

According to the music video's description, the song was recorded to "bring hope" to South Africans during these tough times. 

It is sung in English, Afrikaans, Setswana, and Zulu. 

Listen to this amazing version below:

Image courtesy of YouTube screenshot

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