Lizzo left emotional after Beyoncé mentioned her name while performing

Lizzo left emotional after Beyoncé mentioned her name while performing

"It’s an honour."

Lizzo with black curly hair / Instagram

Lizzo has been very vocal about being a victim of bullying. 

At the beginning of June, she took to social media to say she was even contemplating quitting music because of all the social media bullies who are always on her case about her weight. 

The struggle with people teasing her about her weight started from when she was a child. 

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In an Instagram post on Tuesday, 27 June, the singer shared about the emotional time when Beyoncé mentioned her name while performing and how that took her back to her childhood years where she was battling with bullying. 

In the IG video, Beyoncé can be heard performing her song, 'Break My Soul (The Queens Remix)', during her Renaissance World Tour which began in May. She mentioned Lizzo's name amongst other iconic black women in music such as Bessie Smith, Nina Simone, and Lauryn Hill. 

Lizzo is pictured getting all emotional and holding back tears. 

She took to Instagram to explain why she was emotional. 

"In that moment I was thinking about baby me, listening to Happy Face by destiny’s child and crying myself to sleep because of bullies… I thought about Beyoncé jumping into the room where Tina Turner was waiting to meet her for the first time."

Lizzo went on to thank Beyoncé for mentioning her. 

"I think of what we all mean to people and how cyclical it is. We are all so infinitesimally and maximally connected and significant. It’s an honor. Thank You @beyonce."

Watch the video below:

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