Mariah Carey tells all in her new memoir

Mariah Carey tells all in her new memoir

From being exposed to domestic violence as a toddler to marrying an abusive man and becoming an international star, get to know Mariah Carey on a more personal level in her new memoir, 'The Meaning of Mariah Carey'. 

Mariah Carey tells it all in her new memoir
Mariah Carey audio book/ Instagram

Mariah Carey has been making headlines for decades and the singer has finally decided to tell her story in her own words. Carey has become the latest celebrity to release a memoir.

The book is entitled, ‘The Meaning Of Mariah Carey’. 

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Mariah took to Instagram to share her excitement about the release. 

She wrote about how she has been looking forward to telling her own story in her own words for such a long time.

“Butterflies in my stomach but pride in my heart. Tears of joy for little Mariah whose story gets to be heard for the first time. I've been waiting for today my entire life,” she wrote

In the book, Carey shares how her voice gave her validation. 

“I saw how my voice could make other people feel something good inside, something magical and transformative. That meant not only was I not unworthy, valid as a person, but I was valuable. Here was something of value that I could bring to others. The feeling. It was the feeling I would pursue for a lifetime. It gave me a reason to exist,” reads a snippet from her book.

She also writes about her traumatic childhood -  the fight with her mom who was an Opera singer and was jealous of her. Not only that, but how her own sister tried to sell her to a pimp. 

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She also shares some of her struggles in the music industry and clears the air about her and Whitney Houston. 

Listen to a short clip of the audio version below.

Image courtesy of Instagram/ @Mariahcarey

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