Master KG reportedly facing plagiarism charges over 'Jerusalema'

Master KG reportedly accused of stealing 'Jerusalema'

Master KG has been accused of stealing 'Jerusalema' from another Limpopo artist. 

Master KG
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Ntimeng Chauke, aka Chamza the DJ, is reportedly suing Master KG over his hit song 'Jerusalema'. 

According to the Sunday World, Chamza claims Master KG stole the song from him. 

He reportedly worked on the song in 2019 when he was invited by Master KG to his studio. 

Chamza claims he wrote, composed and produced the song, but didn't get any recognition from Master KG.

“Back in August 2019 our client, Chris Chauke was contacted by Master KG and invited to come and record a track in Johannesburg, Midrand to produce a song. Our client was responsible for originating the song. He also authored, composed, and produced the original song (Jerusalema) which was released by Master KG and Open Mic Productions,”  reads a letter from his legal representative states. 

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Chamza alleges that Master KG did not contribute creatively towards the song.  

"Our client authored the original melody of the composition, the beats and the arrangement of the song, melody and vocals," read the letter. 

However, he claims after completing the song, Master KG never called him when he released the song or even credit him. 

Open Mic denies claims

According to Sunday World, Lionel Jamela of Open Mic says Chamza is fabricating the story. 

"The claim is fabricated. If they believe that they have a legitimate claim, they are welcome to approach the courts," he told the publication. 

Chamza says he will be approaching the courts. He wants compensation and an apology for not being credited on the song.

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