More Music You Love, a radio first

More Music You Love, a radio first

It has been an incredible year since the launch of the #MoreMusicYouLove campaign and here's a throw back to the 'radio first'.

In what is being called ‘a first for radio,’ Jacaranda FM launched its new "More Music You Love" campaign with a live love story that was broadcast on the biggest digital billboard in Johannesburg.

We launched the "Greatest Love Story Never Told in Illovo, Johannesburg on Wednesday morning.


The event was streamed live to the audience while a re-enactment of a lip sync drama was broadcast live on a big screen at the Illovo Junction.


According to Jacaranda FM's General Manager, Kevin Fine, it was the first time ever that an outdoor billboard was combined with an on-air broadcast.

"The mood was amazing and it is vital that listeners understood the value proposition of ‘More Music You Love,’ Fine says.

He adds that research indicated that listeners wanted to listen to more music and more specifically the music that they love.

"We wanted to launch our new value proposition which is ‘More Music You Love’ in a very meaningful way to connect with our listeners and we decided that telling a story was the way to go," Fine says.

About More Music You Love:

Each of us have our own story to tell that connects us to music; through music we're reminded of a time, and/or a place. As a radio station, music has such a strong place in our hearts, we are thus focused on not only playing MORE music, but playing more music that people LOVE.

What better way to display that than by telling a love-story through music, through using different mediums to show just how serious we are about the music and how it connects people ; from new music to nostalgic music, in essence - with More Music You Love.

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