Nasty C won't be releasing any amapiano music

Nasty C won't be releasing any amapiano music

Nasty C won't be releasing any amapiano songs, not even a collaboration. Here is why.

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International star, Nasty C, says his fans shouldn't be expecting any amapiano songs from him.

The rapper, who is currently signed to Def Jam Recordings, says he has no intentional of changing his genre. 

He added that he isn't even interested in collaborating with any artist for any amapiano songs.

“If any of my fellow artist friends and you have an amapiano song you were thinking I would go well on it, kill that idea right now. Don't do that to yourself," he said during an Instagram live video.

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He added that his fellow musicians shouldn't even ask him to do it.

"I hate declining, especially people I know, don't make me do it man. Just don't do it," he said.

The 'Zulu Man' hitmaker says that although he loves the genre, it requires a different type of energy.

"I love amapiano man, it comes with a different type of energy ... I would be faking it if I did it," he said.

“Just look at it from a distance and admire it no beef, I support [it]. I'm hip hop to the core but that's not what I'm like zoned into ... I still do a little bit of pop. I tell you what, I will do a house song before I do an amapiano song, because of my background it would make more sense. I'm from Durban and my big brother taught me how to make beats."

Watch the video below:

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Image courtesy of Instagram. 

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