New rock sensation takes South African music industry by storm!

New rock sensation takes South African music industry by storm!

Meet South Africa's brand new rock sensation, Zaan Sonnekus!


Zaan Sonnekus made a debut on the Jacaranda FM Hot Hit with Danny Painter on Tuesday and listeners said they'd love to hear more from him. 

On the set of the music video for his new single, EK KAN NET BID, filmed by CoolerBox Brothers at Monte de Dios in a giant dome with massive screens. Fifteen people are running around with director, George van Rooyen shouting instructions over the megaphone. The evening air is electric, and excitement is palpable. The stage is dark, and the piano and band are ready for action. Next to the piano is a bouquet of yellow sunflowers. He suddenly appears from nowhere and slides in behind the piano. With soft notes echoing through the building, he starts singing:

“Vieruur die oggend as die bed steeds kraak,

na al die oorlog, sukkel hy om te slaap,

hy val deur die krake... hy val tot hy wegraak...”

(“At four am when the bed still squeaks,

after the day’s battles, he still struggles to sleep,

he falls through the cracks… he falls until he’s gone…”)

ZAAN SONNEKUS pulls you in gently and then gets up from behind the piano and undergo a massive transformation right in front of your eyes! Anatomic bomb explodes on the big screen, he kicks in the air, grabs and throws the microphone, jumps and waves his hair and at that moment he completely owns the stage and the audience! Before you can get over it, you start singing… no shouting out loud: “Ek kan net bid vir nou! Ek kan net bid vir jou! (I can only pray for now! I can only pray for you!)”. These wise words never leave your head…

The words of his latest single from his own pen cut straight through your soul and it is like you are experiencing every emotion with him. “It is about prayer in desperate times. If we can all just pray together and live together, we can change the world,” he says about this song.

Now that you have an idea who we're talking about, watch the video below. 

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