New single and video out now: Janie Bay ‘My Lief’ featuring Majozi and Early B

New single and video out now: Janie Bay ‘My Lief’ featuring Majozi and Early B

Janie Bay has released a brand new single and music video featuring Majozi and Early B! Watch the video below. 

Janie Bay, Majozi, Early B

With many number one hit-singles behind her, Afrikaans superstar Janie Bay`s fans will be delighted to find that she pushes the envelope in songwriting and production yet again with her brand new single! My Lief is a funky pop song that also features the legendary artists Majozi and Early B. Fresh; layered and streetwise, My Lief will certainly be a hit on the block!

Bay says that she enjoys writing songs about the musings of love. She explains that the message of My Lief is honest and simple: “Relationships aren’t perfect. Sometimes things get hectic, but then one remembers, that through true commitment, partnerships can stick through thick and thin.”

While writing the track a while back, Bay realized that My Lief had the potential to be a perfect colab song. The idea of working with Majozi was gestating for a while and when his eventual verse in the song sounded more spontaneous in English, Bay decided to go with it. Majozi says: “I’ve been wanting to do a song with Janie for years now, and it’s finally come together. Janie has an amazing ear for beautiful melodies, and I was only too excited to jump on this track!”

To push the song a little further, Bay also thought of bringing in Early B. Their runaway hit from 2019“Die Heelal”, has had fans asking for more over the past year. Early B instantly loved the vibe of the song. He says: “My Lief is a song that is needed in our current times. The world is not what it used to be and at this point, it sure feels good to be loved unconditionally by the people close to us.”

Talented videographer Damiane van Reenen created and directed the video. It was filmed on location in Hermon in the Western Cape. Van Reenen says the idea of an open field with randomly placed chairs was inspired by the theme of the song: open conversations about Love. My Lief is about remembering the commitment to one`s partner when navigating through difficult times. One just needs to give and take, communicate. Van Reenen explains: “The storyline in the video delivers subtle commentary about the vibes between people. Majozi`s off centre scenes points to the perspective of “seriously, I am bending backwards in this process of talking, listening, sorting, loving.” Early B does his lines on top of and all over the chairs as a coming together of the dialogue. His words “nou`s ons steady” is a culmination and indication of calmer waters.” Bay loves the video. She says: “Damiane is currently one of the most prolific filmmakers out there. He has a knack to work with simple concepts and create extraordinary results. I can`t wait to share the video with everyone.”

My Lief is one of the tracks on Janie Bay`s brand new album Prisma that will be released by Warner Music South Africa on 18 June 2021. My Lief is available on all popular digital platforms.

Stream My Lief here

Watch the video below.

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