Olivia Rodrigo gives fans morning-after pill and condoms at concert

Olivia Rodrigo gives fans morning-after pill and condoms at concert

The pop star used her recent concert to advocate for the reproductive rights of women in a state where abortion is illegal. 

Olivia Rodrigo
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Olivia Rodrigo is an advocate for women's reproductive rights. 

In February, the singer, in conjunction with her world tour,  launched the Fund 4 Good campaign, which aims to protect women’s and girls’ reproductive rights. She announced that some of the funds from her tour would go towards the campaign. 

During her GUTS World Tour in St. Louis this week, Olivia handed out free Plan B pills to fans. This was done in association with the Missouri Abortion Fund.

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According to several reports, fans were given morning-after pills and condoms at the show. 

The contraceptives were placed in the women’s bathrooms.

There was a table where concertgoers could donate to support the initiative. 

The concert took place in Missouri where abortion is illegal except in the case of an emergency that threatens the life of a pregnant person.

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Olivia's actions were met with mixed emotions.

Thanks for supporting abortion rights 

Good to know where you stand regarding the life of innocent children, now I can stop listening to your songs, following you, and consuming anything related to you with no second thoughts.

Please consider donating to other charitable organizations instead of killing off your future fan base.

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